Galveston Island TX and the late little girl Flip 2013.

    Welcome I’m glad you took the time to stop by, I’m the recipe creator, photographer and stylist for KitchenBudde.wordpress.com.  

Texas Bluebonnets

I’ll be cooking and baking up some tasty treats here in my Texas kitchen and sharing the recipes too. I try to stay on the healthy side of eating, but had to face the fact a long time a go that I just love dessert!  So to keep a balance I come up with recipes for the things I love with less sugar and the healthiest ingredients. I’ve always been the type of person that decides to do something and I don’t stop until I master it (yes I’m the middle child).  That’s the way cooking and baking are for me I’m self-taught but can cook and bake with the best from mastering sushi to crescent rolls and wedding cakes you name it I can make it or learn how.

Arthur Guinness
Just had to add another picture of beautiful girl that’s no longer with us Blu Bell 2015.
Pepper catching some wind and yes they are seat belted in for safety.


Cole making sure he’s not out done.
Merlin the wise old kitty being guarded by the four month old Pepper.
DSC_5360 (2)
That’s my boys and yes he’s showing off how much he’s out grown his older brother and loving it.

I also love traveling and spending time outdoors fishing, canoe and hiking with my family.  So you might find us on the coast of Galveston Island or in a Mountain stream somewhere. Our favorite trips by far was Ireland.  Having lived in Germany and several states has given us the opportunity to see and experience many foods and cultures.  My wonderful husband and our two boys (I use that term boys loosely at 22 and 18 there not really boys but men) are my chief culinary consultants and taste testers.  Along with some willing neighbors and friends there’s always someone ready to indulge and give an honest opinion before I post a recipe.  Photographing out trips and food is a favorite pastime too. We are crazy about our cat Merlin ( a Russian Blue) and our Australian Shepherd pups Pepper girl and Cole Bear.  I hope to see you around enjoy the recipes and photos and thanks for visiting.                                                    

Happy Cooking



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