It’s Wild Flower Time in Texas

_DSC6117 (2)

Georgetown Texas is known as the Poppy capital of Texas with the most beautiful historic downtown.  Each year in April there is a Poppy festival and the whole town is involved.  We like to visit early and beat the crowd and we are always glad when we do. The flowers are quite showy this year and are sure to please. Georgetown is only 40 minutes from where we live which makes it a great little weekend adventure. These are but a few of the pictures I captured on our ride._DSC6096 (3)

_DSC6104_DSC6099 (2)The Blue bonnets are so abundant this year thanks to last falls rain and a mild winter._DSC6107 (3)

I save the Poppies for last they are my favorite!

_DSC6097 (2)

I live the vibrant color and contrast of red and black.

_DSC6109 (2)

This is another variety of Poppy that is the only one of its kind.

Hope you enjoy them.

Spring is natures way of saying let’s party!



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