Colorado Rocky Mountian High

Colorado Rocky Mountain High and no I’m not talking about any kind of herbal high.  I’m talking about the beauty of the mountains. Or maybe it’s the lack of oxygen in the air……  This trip was originally planed for spring break in April but to our surprise our boy both in college at different school where on break at different times.  So we had to change plans that was a challenge to since they both decided to take summer classes so they can finish up early.  Well this left only a two week period in August to squeeze in a much needed break for the whole family. An what a trip it turn out to be.  My husband had been to the area for work in November when there was snow everywhere.  But had no time to really check things out and wanted to share the beauty with us.  He’s so sweet that way.  It’s so beautiful here and as you drive around every curve in the road you think there’s no way the next vista can be as pretty as the one you just saw,  but it is! 20150822_150550-1We made the most of our time in Colorado with scenic drives high in the mountains to fly fishing in the cold clear rivers. When we arrived the weather was warm in the nineties. On the second morning we were glad we brought jackets it the temp had  drop in Denver it was a cool 48° and by the time we reached Estes Park it was  snowing a bit and a cloudy 34°.  With the clouds and the fires from out west the  mountains were cloaked in a blanket of blue grey.  We didn’t let that stop us we push on exploring around every turn!



The clear cold waters of Golden were great for fly fishing and when it started to rain we drove through the mountains to Central City. DSC_5391

Central City was a mining town that today is a gamblers paradise.  We”re not the   gamblers but enjoy driving through the old downtown with all its shops and cobble streets lined with great old buildings.  Just at the edge of town we found a fruit stand selling mountain peaches that were sweet and delicious so I guess you could say we gamble and won.DSC_6721

Our little girl was also loving the cool mountain air.  Such a dog head out the window taking in life.



The Cache la Poudre River Great fly fishing here.


Driving through the National Park we crossed the Continental Divide several times.


DSC_6664This felt like I was on top of the world.

20150820_144933-1 This is a nice little cutthroat one of the boys caught.  Catch and release of course! 20150820_150637

This little stream was near Vail.



DSC_5864Mom enough with the instruction were ready to swim please say the word.

20150822_210127-1The sunsets were beautiful and came earlier than in Texas where the land is so flat.


Fly fishing is big in Golden.


This girls love the water!



This is lake Irene at the foot of the Eisenhower Tunnel.  Since my middle name is Irene I have to show it to you.  The sign said that mountain goats live on this mountain but we didn’t catch sight of them.  I think maybe that was a rumor started by the fish to draw attention off of them. lol!

DSC_6912Breath taking views and high bridges.


Breckenridge is a quaint city with lots to do and see unfortunately we visited on the only weekend they had the annual bike race on.  So the streets were closed off to all traffic.  This of course made the side walks crowded with foot traffic.  We made the best of it and found a place to enjoy a drink and  some grub. After everyone was to full for dessert we shopped a little before moving on.DSC_6490DSC_6669DSC_6842

After a full day of playing in the fresh air they couldn’t go on and begged to stay behind while we forced ourselves to have dinner at the local brew house.


I’m to tired to move, Pepper says don’t forget to bring back a doggy bag!

20150816_195550 (2)If was tough choosing with so many offerings.


In the end the porter was the winner or was that I was the winner. After driving straight through 16 hours we arrived home on Saturday at three in the morning. This gave everyone Sunday to rest up before starting a new school year.   All in all we had a great trip and we all needed it.


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