Apple Tarts with Vanilla Custard

DSC_2776 (3)These are a quick easy treat that you can fill with what ever fruit you like.   This time I had apples on hand, sweet and juicy and hard to resist.  I used homemade vanilla custard but store bought ice cream works well too.

Enjoy this quick easy dessert for your net gathering or as an everyday treat.


DSC_2768 (2)

The crunchy sugar gets nicely caramelize…


  • 1 package frozen puff pastry thawed as package directs
  • 2 apples of your choice I used golden delicious
  • flour for dusting the counter top
  • sugar in the raw for sprinkling on top
  • 1 egg white for glazing

Remove your puff pastry from the packaging while it is still thawed and place on a flour dusted counter top, place the other sheet in a plastic zip bag for later use.  Let thaw for about 20 minutes and unfold one sheet of the pastry dough careful so you don’t tear the folds.  Dust the dough lightly with flour and roll out to make about a 16 x 16 inch square. Slice the dough into 6 squares like a tic tac toe board.  Place the dough squares on a baking sheet lined with parchment or silpat liner spacing about 1 to 2 inches apart. Place the baking sheet in the freezer while you slice the apples.

Peel and slice the apples thinly when the apples are ready remove the dough from the freezer.  Brush the squares with egg white (wash) place apples slices in the center of each dough square.  Sprinkle sugar over the tops of the apple pastries bake for 20 minutes they will be golden on top and puffed edges.

Let cool and serve topped with frozen custard or ice cream.  Whipped cream work as a great topping as well.



Apples, apples, one, two, three,
Apples for you,
Apples for me.
Apples for big,
Apples small,
Apple trees tiny,
Apple trees tall.
Apples sour,
Apples sweet,
Apples, apples, are nice to eat.



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