Bar Stool Makeover and Fresh Tomatoes

DSC_3883 (2)

Now that the rains have stopped and the sun has been shining we have these beauties smiling all over gardens.

DSC_3896 (2)
I’ve also been busy transforming our old bar stools into new bar stools.  This all started while sitting in the kitchen I looked across the room,  then noticed the brads on our couch.  I then look at the bar stools and thought those would look good covered and fastened with brads.  That got me thinking that we have never really used said bar stools.  I then thought why?  So as I often to I started surveying family members and found that the reason is they are not very comfortable.  When at this point the deal was sealed covering the chairs would give them a new look but most of all the would be better for sitting on.


These are the before stools and even though they are nice looking.  As I said before the are not very comfortable.  So  time for a redo I thought we needed to lighten up the color a bit as well.  Now we have new bar stools or at least a new look! The cushions made the seats much more comfortable and I’ m happy to report we now use them often.


I found this remnant of fabric at a local fabric store for in the sale pile the cost $3.69 for 1 1/2 yard piece.  As luck would have it the fabric is stain resistant scotch guarded.  I didn’t realize this until I started working on the chairs and found that it written on the edge of the fabric.  With a coupon the batting was a $8.00 buy.   The priciest part were the brads at 48 for $1.99 a pack I thought not bad until I started working and found out it takes about 4 packs for each stool.  But all in all for a new look that’s a great deal and I love the look.


DSC_3866 (2)

Now with all of the work on the bar stools I had to think of a quick meal to fix before my gang got home.  These Italian grilled cheese sandwiches did the trick!  We’ve started to enjoy some of the seasons jewels the lovely tomatoes and basil are loving the sunshine.  We too are loving both sunshine and tomatoes!


The simple pleasure of tomatoes with salt and pepper.


Or how about an Italian grilled cheese?  Fresh mozzarella and basil with crushed red peppers.  These are so easy to fix and no skill level required just enjoy this quick easy meal with all that summer has to offer.

All in all I’m very pleased with my stool make over.  Hope you enjoy the grilled cheese too.

Because it’s summer and the memories are just waiting to happen. — Unknown


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