Spring Rains in Texas

Hello,  hope you’re all well.  We are starting to think we need to build an ARK!  The part of Texas we live in is still getting rain and there’s no sign of it stopping. Our hearts and prayers go out to those that have lost love ones and homes. There’s quite a mess and clean up is slow come with more storms on the way.

San Marcos, Texas (Photo: Rodolfo Gonzalez, Austin American-Statesman via AP)



I have herb beds as well but just loved the color of these clay pots so I plant everyday for weeks.  This hardly ever happens here and while it is a welcome change as well as needed.   The people of Texas are starting to have an ed to filled herbs.

We didn’t have this much rain when we went to Ireland but Washing to state was a different story.  With a new understanding of what the people of such places as Washington state feel when it does nothing but rain.  The rivers, lakes and even the gardens have benefited from the extra rain water but, the extremes of drought and now flooding are enough to make our heads spin.


This is the benefit I have received from all the rain.  And building three (3) more raised garden beds now we have six (6) 8 X 4 beds.  That’s a lot of tomatoes, strawberries, green beans, egg plants, cucumbers and Swiss chard to name a few of the plants now growing in our gardens.  Lots of carrots, lettuce and radishes can anyone say salad?  Are ready and we’ve eaten a lot of it! very tasty and fresh.


The beds we  constructed of untreated cedar boards and lines with landscape fabric.  We are fortunate enough to have a land scape supplier in the area that gets the compose matter from the organic Texas mushroom farms in the area.  That mixed with soil and we have a very good place for growing all types of vegetables and fruit.


Help!  I think our tomato plants are turning into trees!

We used 10′ X 6′ boards cut into 8′ lengths then use the 4′ piece for the ends of the beds.  Stacked 2 high and you have a good-sized garden just line, fill and plant.

DSC_3407 (2)Sweet carrots, radishes, beets and lettuce.


Black plums I no they look green to me too!


First year strawberries we didn’t think we would get any fruit but what a surprise.


Apples on one of our 3 apple trees.  We also have figs, pears and peaches.  But it started to rain so I made my way in just in time to miss a real down pour..  I sure my camera what happy I did.


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