Wednesday in my Kitchen

Finally we have winter weather in Texas!  The temperature will be in the 30’s this week and I love it!  Winter is one of my favorite times of year in Texas to have a change of season is great.  Time for fires in the evening and roasting marshmallows don’t for get to order a load of fire wood!  In this part of Texas we don’t have much of the beautiful change of leaves. Which I do miss but the cooler weather and shorter days make you feel like it’s winter.

The cooler temps make me want to cook long slow meals like soup and roast.  I even made a cinnamon rolls!  Yummy!  I will be posting the cinnamon rolls later so don’t miss them there very tasty.  So turn on the oven and put on the coffee and you’ll be ready to warm up your kitchen for the weekend.  I also found these great cinnamon chips for scones and cookies that I can’t wait to try.  You can head on over to if you want to pick some up to try for yourself.  I’ll be posting my scones soon you can get a look at how yummy they are and try them for yourself.



Have a Merry Christmas and safe and Happy New Year.



Cinnamon chipsCinnamon Mini Baking...


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