Ball Mason Plastic Containers

Don’t you just love when you aren’t even looking for something and you find just what you need.  I know I’m not making any sense let me explain.  I like to make fresh jelly, jam and butters but the containers I have always used just don’t work the way I would like them too.  So when I came across these Ball plastic jars it was a happy discovery.

DSC_0084 (2)

Since it’s that time of year again,  you know the time of year when you start preserving what’s left in the garden or fresh from the market and in season. For the last few weeks in my kitchen I’ve been drying herbs and making jellies and butters and getting ready for the holidays.   I’ve in the past canned my jellies and jam as well as apple and pumpkin butter.  I have in the past also used plastic containers for a few jars that will be eaten right away.  When I came across these nifty Ball Mason plastic jar containers I knew I just had to try them.  and try them I did.  I’ve now collected quite a few because they are also great for single serving size soups and sauces.

In our neck of the woods, Texas that is.  Mother nature decided that the cool weather needed to pay us a visit.  It was 33°f here!  You’d think we lived in the north pole or something! Ok Who turned off the heat!  What do you do when it gets colder you make a lot of soup, stew, chilli and chicken and dumplings through the cooler months.  When I cook these I like to make extra and freeze single servings for quick meals. So now the freezer is also well stocked with handy single serving meals.  But not for long with two young men of college age and everyone’s on a different schedule I’ll soon need to restock.  That’s okay because these servings make the perfect size for lunch a quick snacks or even dinner.  The lid also has a double seal that is air tight and made just for freezing so no leaks. Yeah!  They come in several sizes and are fairly inexpensive.  I found mine of at all places the home improvement store (Lowes).  They have a whole section of canning supplies who would have thought!

DSC_0085 (2)

These jars would be great for any thing you need to store that needs an airtight seal or just a serving size.  They are sturdy  come 2 to 3 a pack depending on which size you choose or why choose get several sizes.  Because a good storage container is sometime hard to find.


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