OXO Storage Containers




I’m sure most or you have heard of OXO products. They have a whole line of kitchen gadgets and containers.  And I’m currently loving them! These OXO containers are great for storing and organizing your pantry. I discovered them after having a problem with critter in a box of oatmeal I purchased. Within 2 days I had cleared out my pantry and had to start over with all of my grains and flours.  The boxes of cereal were not spared either.  This was a costly lesson that prompted me to buy several containers to seal out any unwelcome pest that decided to travel home from the grocery store.  While in Sams the other day I noticed they had a large pantry box of all shapes and sizes. So two sets made it into my cart and home with me. I like to think I’m like most people I’m pretty organized but not so much so that I don’t have to clear out my pantry from time to time. So after putting away the cold purchases I cleaned and dried the contains and of course a stop at target for labels.   Before I knew it and hour had passed and my pantry was neat and organized. whew! I know take a deep breath..Now I am able to see just what I need to add to the grocery list which make shopping day a lot easier.



These containers come in different shapes and sizes with a couple of style lids.  They are great for sealing out moisture and those pesky critter you don’t want visiting you flour or grains.  The set I got had all the sizes but, if you only need specific sizes that’s not a problem most retailers carry them in all shapes and sizes.  So if you’re in need then get organized there’s no time like the present.


The lids are not interchangeable but you can buy replacements straight from OXO if you need them. You can also get the containers at Bed Bath and Beyond and they have coupons for 20 0/0 off online.

I hope they work out for you too!



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