What’s New Wednesdays

What’s New Wednesday

DSC_0024 (3)
So I’m raising this chip to you dear reader hope you enjoy it! Look it really has peppers in it!

What’s new Wednesday is a new post that am adding for my blogging 202 class.  I will try new foods or various products and give you my opinions about these products.  I will how what I think of a products and try not to trash others but give my opinions of like or dislike.  Some of these items will be new products on the market some will just be new to me.  Hope you enjoy the post and it will give you an idea of whether you might like it too.

Coming up with snacks for your family that they can fix themselves can be tough.  I’m sure everyone hears the there’s nothing to eat around he chant form time to time.  Well I try to keep the usual things like apples and peanut butter and nuts.  But sometimes they want JUNK not popcorn they want things you don’t think they should eat….  Like nacho and chips and chips and chips….  What is it with chips and snacking?  Frito lay had it right when they said you can’t eat just one!  So this started my search I didn’t even know Newman’s Own made this stuff.  But they do and we tried it and well how bout I tell you about it.

Newman’s Own Salsa Con Queso I have tried other brands and really don’t care for most of them.  Most seem to just be yellow stuff they call cheese that is way to salty,  with very little flavor.   Their also full of things I can’t even pronounce.  But, I was prompted by my culinary taste tester to by a queso that they could have as a snack when I wasn’t home to make fresh.  So that’s how I came across Newman’s Own I have used some of their other products and they are pretty good for ready to use sauces and cookies. They at least are all natural so I thought I would give it a try.

DSC_0023 (3)

I was pleasantly surprised The Queso has a rich creamy taste with pieces of real tomato and peppers in it.  The color is like cheddar cheese with red a green peppers throughout.   Ah! the true test TASTE!  It’s creamy and has a sharp cheddar flavor that was much like a slice of cheese that was a real surprise!  This was definitely different from the leading brands I’ve tried.  There’s still a lot of stuff in the ingredients list but at least I can read everything that in i,t which is a plus.  It’s real food not fillers and culinary my taste tester tried it and like it too.   So as we say at our house when we like something new It’s a do over.  Hope you have a chance to try Newman’s Own Queso it’s great for a snack and quick to fix.  The price is about the same as the rest of the line up but I thought it was much better tasting and that’s what counts.  Hope you enjoy it too!


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