Blogging 101

600The last year has been a tough one. It all started when we joyously anticipated the arrival of my Mom and step father. You see they visits every year in May and October, they are winter Texas. If you are not familiar with the term they are the people you see on the highway in the spring and fall. Their goal is to travel some place warm if it’s cold and some place warm if it’s to hot.  Now that we cleared that up we’ll get back to the story.  She was to arrive in late May and stay a week as they had always done in the past.  Only this time was different.

When they arrived it was as always the full of excitement. For them it meant the first leg of a long journey home had started without any travel delays.  For us we would get to steal a little time visiting and pampering the grandparents.  The boys were so excited and could hardly wait,  they love their grandma so much.  We heard the front do open and Flip the grand dog was overjoyed to see who it was and had to get the first greeting in.  Then after all of the usual hugs and happy exchanges we started to settle in.   When they came in I was alarmed to see my mother her skin was bright yellow and she had lost some weight.  Not wanting to roughen the happy occasion I felt it was best to voice my concerns after the hello greetings.

I first asked if she was feeling well and she answered yes.   Why?  I have lost a few pounds and that makes me feel better.  I asked if she had seen the doctor or if my step father had noticed her color.  He responded with a she looks great! Why?  I told them I was concerned with the yellow tint she had to her skin and she was going to the doctor before they could leave.

We did visit the doctor and were sent straight to the hospital for an MRI.  My worst fears were realized.  She was not just sick but she had pancreatic cancer.  We spent a year holding her had while she tried many types of treatment without success.  It was a long year but,  we were able to steal this time with her and are grateful for the gift. She fought with the strength and will that made me proud again and again that she was my mom.

But sad to say she never got to return to her beloved Kentucky home on the hill.  And breathe the sweet smell of the flowers she loved so much. After her loss we were trying to gather our selves but where hit again with the loss of our girl Flip.  She was the Australian Shepard grand dog I mentioned earlier that love and watch over her grandma while she was sick.  We didn’t let ourselves think about a life without her.  But she was very old for her kind at 16 1/2  her body couldn’t go on any longer and we had to say our good byes.  I like to think she had taken it upon herself to shepard grandma in to their next adventure,  for they always had a special bond.  But this year in June after losing her battle in April.  We packed up the truck and took her home.  To the place she loved so much.  We felt it was fitting to spread her ashes among the beautiful flowers she had planted so many years ago.  This way she will always have the warm sun shining down on her and the flowers dancing over her head.

So this is for two great ladies not a day goes by when you are not both missed.






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