Blogging 101 Dream reader

CSC_0898Well this one is a no brainer,   I gave you a little insight on the past year at my house. Now I’ll add a few more details and you will see how I’m at a big cross roads in my life.  I have homeschooled our 2 sons for about 20 years now and our youngest graduated this June so I no longer have a child to teach.  I have been trying to decide how to fill my days and have started taking a few online classes and blogging.  I thought about returning to my profession having done temp work and keeping my certifications current,  just in case I need it. I just don’t think I want to clean teeth anymore.

My passion is cooking and baking in particular so you might think go to school for that.  The problem is there isn’t a cooking school that is closer than 3 hours away and my home and family are here.  So being a self-taught baker and cook I have found that the more challenging the task the more interesting.  I have taught myself how to do things like make crescent rolls and love working with the dough.  I also make my own sausages and smoked meats and can fruit and veggies from my raised bed gardens and fruit trees.  All of this has let me teach friends and family a lot of the tricks I have learned along the way.  Developing new interesting recipes and up grading some old ones.  It’s all good and I really enjoy it.

My latest venture is my own brick pizza oven.   I have been I have for the past 4 years or so drawn up the plans and after a move to a new house am eager to get my hand dirty. So my cross-road is what can I do to make money out of these talents.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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